Sunday, January 30, 2011


In my boring predictable life, random stroke of luck just doesn't happen. Could something unfold out of this? OMG, I actually can't sleep...speaking of rarity...(Despite the rain, perhaps this picture can help warm the cold...huhu, thanks google images)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I declare war against you!!!

Ants!!! It's the rainy season so ants were desperate to save their lives. But not when I'm around!!! You brought you whole colony and ruin my kitchen! How dare you?! Just look at the pictures and you'd know just how big an army they were.

Our official Goodbye

Have I mentioned about our school being without a principal? Yes, we are without a principal now. So, to show our appreciation to our ex-principal we had a luncheon at Green Park Hotel. I was a bit pissed off when suddenly the club president wanted me to be the emcee for the event. I went to buy the presents and got the cake as well and in charge of all the presents, can't you find someone else? Had you told me earlier I might consider but still wouldn't like it because why is it always me??? I insisted that I couldn't do it. I can't do impromptu and there are so many other teachers! Thank God another teacher backed me up by saying I've got to do the gifts so I can't be the emcee. Anyways, here are some snippets from the event.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The reception

I forgot to write an entry on the reception. Shaela's reception took place on Sunday, 23 January 2011 at Dewan Guthrie, Bukit Jelutong. As usual, AWESOME POSSUM!!! :)
Just pictures here, no need for narration...huhu, we had fun and that was obvious

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My student's journal entry

This journal entry by my student made me happy :) In the midst of a disheartening truth I had to swallow, I take comfort reading such a heartwarming entry. Here's an excerpt:
... (spelling mistakes are intentional to stick to the original text)

On the first day in schooll, has english time. I am very happy because I got the new beautiful teacher. She is very nice, beautiful, clever, and fluent speak english. Her name is Aida Shazwani Bt. Shukri. I call her is teacher Aida.

You see, even though I may not be loved by someone, I am loved by many... :)

I seek help

Al-Baqarah: 235
And there is no sin on you if you make a hint of betrothal or conceal it in yourself, Allah knows that you will remember them, but do not make a promise of contract with them in secret except that you speak an honourable saying according to the Islamic law (e.g. you can say to her, "If one finds a wife like you, he will be happy"). And do not consummate the marriage until the term prescribed is fulfilled. And know that Allah knows what is in your minds, so fear Him. And know that Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Forbearing.

I think I've heard this before...

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Plea to Parents

This did not happen to me but when my house mate, also a fellow warden in this school, told me what happened, I was equally angry. Yesterday one of our students fainted after the routine Sunday jog. This stubborn kid participated in this activity despite the reminder from other seniors who strictly instructed ill students not to run. Apparently she's asthmatic. Prior to that another students hurt herself from the school Cross Country the day before. My house mate was on her way back from hospital when another warden reported about this student. Once she arrived in school they immediately carried her to my friend's car and she was brought to the hospital. My friend and a few other wardens tried contacting her parents but those attempts failed as they reached the mailbox each time they called. After a few tries, one of the hospital staff informed the wardens that her parents were already contacted. Thinking that everything would be fine, my friend decided to go back. To her astonishment and dismay, the parents of the girl came barging in wearing such beastly look on their faces and stormed in scolding the wardens and questioning why the hospital staff had contacted them, not the school warden. My friend and another warden tried explaining that they had already called the parents using the number written on their beloved daughter's card. When that number was shown, her mother glared at the wardens and simply said she didn't know whose number that was. To top it up her husband questioned why we didn't check the information given at the office. For crying out loud, all those documents would be in the office and it's a damn Sunday! Office is closed. It's your child's fault, as she had put an unused number on the card. That would be our only reference especially during times of crisis such as this. Can't they just be grateful to us, at least we brought their to child to the hospital to get proper medical attention. No words could describe how enraged I was hearing about such nasty behaviour coming from parents. If you think we are unfit to care for your child, don't put them here. FYI, we haven't even got our warden allowance and had it ever occurred to them that we don't even get any claims for the times we send students to clinic or hospital, what more making calls to them to inform about their children. We already have a day job which consists of planning lessons, teaching, doing clerical work, reading essays, marking exercise books and dealing with various problems from school administration and students. So, please don't make such a big case as if we abandon your child or leave them unattended. If we're such bad people, take care of your own child yourself, it'll make our life happier and easier. Thank you.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wedding no.1 of 2011

AWESOME POSSUM!!! God, everything Fad says or does is so infectious, including her 'zikir'. HAHA. Anyways, the wedding that opened the weddings I'd be attending this year was none other than Shael's and Hafiz a.k.a Jab wedding. First and foremost, my most heartfelt congratulations goes out to you sweetheart! Alhamdulillah with just one 'lafaz' of the ijab and qabul Jab and Shael are officially husband and wife. May Allah bless both of you with eternal happiness and InsyaAllah you'll be granted wealth, health, cute and intelligent children and most importantly LOTS of L.O.V.E. I am so happy for you. As usual, any solemnization ceremony would make me all teary, because I was so touched by the fact that that sole line itself could carry such great responsibilities. Now this girl was 'passed' from her father to the responsible care of a man. After the solemnization we were all glad that everything turned out so beautiful - just as I've told you Shaela and we were overwhelmed with so many positive feelings because Shaela is now a wife!!! :)))
What Jab's mother said to us after the ceremony was so true, real, huge and also a bit scary in a way. She said that this was just a beginning, and after this both of them would be sailing on their own ship - somewhat a direct translation from a Malay saying. At this point it's only at Port Klang and hopefully their voyage will be smooth, and should there be any strong currents or bad weather causing a storm, let us pray that they both would stay strong and guarded, always and forever be in love with one another. Well, maybe she did not say it as I had said it but I hoped to write the essence or message of what she'd said. I would only pray and wish for the best. With Allah's blessings of course, you and Jab will lead your life together in the best possible way you both know how :) Amin...
As for me I tell myself to be patient and be happy. Genuinely happy for others' happiness and patiently wait for mine. InsyaAllah I will have my day too...perhaps Allah is saving the best for later (dare not say last, so I conveniently replaced that with later, huhu)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


How does one erase a picture of dancing roaches in one's head? Right now I have them in all shapes and sizes orchestrating a performance! DAMN!!! You may be wondering why I am talking about this. So here's the story. One fine Thursday morning, as usual I would go to the canteen during my free period for breakfast. The selection was limited, nothing new. Hence I settled for the fried beehoon and ordered a glass of hot teh tarik. I later joined my colleagues and started eating the beehoon, sipping the teh tarik after a few spoons of beehoon. While savouring the almost tasteless beehoon I felt something hard in my mouth, mixed with that beehoon I already had in my mouth. Wondering what that was I slowly took it out of my mouth. To my dismay and utter disbelief I saw what seemed to me like a cockroach egg, and that came out of my mouth. WT....tutttt....YUCK! That thing was inside my mouth. I spat out everything, the left over beehoon looked extremely disgusting to me. For a few seconds I froze before my mouth uttered a few words to my colleagues, asking for confirmation, if they thought what I thought. Everyone stopped eating. I went straight to the sink and rinsed my mouth several times. In my head I couldn't seem to erase the picture from that movie, "Joe's Apartment". EEEWWW!!!! I went to see the cashier who was the daughter of the canteen operator. I didn't mean to offend her or cause any huge problem, just meant to enlighten her about it. I mean, it's a huge deal, that thing was already in my mouth! For crying out loud, I could have swallowed it! Her response left me filled with anger. That woman, dared said it was 'rempah ratus'! I am no gourmet chef but I do know how to differentiate rempah ratus and roach's egg! The worst part was she didn't even apologise. Whatever it was, the first word she should have said was supposed to SORRY! I refused to pay for the food and seriously lost my appetite for the entire day. ARGHHH!!! I've reported this to the school canteen committee, I am exercising my right as a customer, and dear woman, I could have done worse and you may be losing this tender altogether. So don't give me that attitude! Meanwhile, I am not stepping into that canteen. Shortly after that I went home, brushed my teeth and gurgled Plax 3 times!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family day

Now we're in the midst of voting for Family Day destination. Huhu, the places are:
1. Awana Kijal Terengganu
2. Genting Highlands
3. Kuantan
4. Port Dickson

Dear teachers and staff of SMKTAAC, please tick no.1...I've never been there...hehe, tq...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding bells :)

In the spirit of all the people getting married. May your jodoh be forever :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Home is where the HEART is...

Enjoying the weekend at home, lazing in front of the laptop, not thinking about anything to do with work and loving every bit of it. I love my home... :)))

Friday, January 14, 2011

I have finished reading...

"The Curse". That's the prescribed novel for form five students in Pahang this year and I suppose for few years ahead. Prior to reading the novel, I've heard mixed reactions from teachers about the novel. Some were good, some weren't so. The positive included 'interesting story', 'something Malaysian students could relate to and understand', 'familiar background' etc. The negative however dealt more with the issues presented in the novel. They thought the novel lacked moral values to students, what with talking about murder and affairs. I on the other hand believe learning happens not only when you are laid out with all the right things to do, but more so when you discover what are the right things. Life should not be seen as either black or white, there are grey areas and not that I'm implying that I condone such acts of grey, but I think what people have failed to do is understand. I feel that there is a need for me to send across this message to students: Do not label people. What I highlighted today when we started discussing the novel today was how people's perception about one another could do more harm than good. I illustrated this by drawing their attention to the contrasting characters between Madhuri and her sister, Azreen. They were total opposites of one another and people kept doing what they do best which is comparing. As a result Azreen develops a sense of dislike towards her sister, not because she really wants to but more so because she doesn't like the comparing. But can we really blame Madhuri for her demure personality? It's just who she is, but because of that she is expected to be perfect. What the society fails to see is the fact that she's a human being too, not free from err. Hence, even her own father couldn't accept the truth when he discovered about her affair. How could she, such a perfect young lady, a daughter he had brought up and married off to such a respectable man, could do such a misbehaviour? The label has blinded people from accepting that she could make mistakes too. Another issue I discussed with the students today is the importance of reputation in one's life. In the story, reputation becomes too important that justice is not only overlooked, but simply concealed and covered. Madhuri's murder was greatly covered to save the reputation of both her husband and father. Is it fair for Madhuri though? Well, there is no wrong or right answer, just stating my opinion. With that I think there's no harm done by introducing such real issues to students. Like I said before, you don't learn about life through reading about the rosy stories. You understand and discover things through seeing the repercussions and looking at life like a open book. I just hope my students enjoy the novel for both pleasure and learning some valuable lessons from it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lesson of the Day

A girl just can't help herself, especially when looking at blogs about other girls/women who are planning their wedding, already blissfully married or expecting a child along the way, a girl could only dream and imagine. We do want that. I do want all that. But snapping back to reality, life revolves around many things and success can't be narrowly defined. Although I am nowhere near successful, I will not fret or shed tears. I will smile and think positively, hope and pray that eventually, although later than my peers, things will fall into place. A good advice hung in one of my school walls enlightened me on this and made me realised that I should continue to smile no matter what happens.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Maryam's a Mummy ;)

My friend who wanted to travel the world and did the craziest things before is now a stay at home mummy to two cute kids. Fadilla and I drove to her apartment and we ordered pizza and hanged out with the new mom and her little one! Congrats, Yam! You again, never fail to surprise us :) Thanks for having us at your place. May you be a good parent you already are...and may your son grow up to be smart and handsome someday - I already saw his potential!

College&Uni mates whom I L.O.V.E...

Tears, sweat and blood...haha, A ROLLER COASTER ride through them all :)
I miss them. I miss the times we did super crazy things, I miss all the laughter and cries too...we have all cried for and with each other. I even miss the time we hated each other! Even more when we make up and love each other more. God, I'm sounding so lesbian! Hahahaha!!! One by one these gorgeous ladies are leaving singlehood and entering married life. For the few of us HOT (self-acclaimed) single ladies, we are bunch of hopefuls who cry during any sappy romantic scenes and dream of our prince charming...ngehehehehe...Since I have never written anything about them, here's to them!

Adibah Latip
Jawa! Hahahaha!!! She was my room mate during our final year in IPTI. We both skipped assembly, hid our shoes, locked the door, switched off the fan and slept quietly together. We both loved singing, we were the dynamic duo who took the mic into our hands and marvelled others (ceh, konon!!!) She is one of my closest BFFs in IPTI. We've sung, laughed and cried together. We went through success and disappointments together. I really miss her :) Happy that you're happy now and always praying for your eternal happiness with your InsyaAllah mr. Right:) Suke statement kamu on my fb...

Diyana Sumardi
Our Bettyboop! Huhu...she's a self-acclaimed love doctor (kononnye :P) haha. She's very in touch with her emotions. She cries for the weirdest reasons and she declared war with noe once before - gara-gara chendol! apa ra korg! Alhamdulillah in the end they made up and became closer than ever :) She's so secretive with her new-found love I'm so frustrated I couldn't dig more from her. Whatever it is, I've already booked her as my MC for my wedding.

Nursyahida & Baiti
Noe is hot but crazy...haha! Baiti is our BEYONCE! Can you imagine, once she got a spanking from some unidentified random guy at Bazaar Ramadhan! Pervert, in the Holy month, what idiot. Anyway, these two stick together through everything and anything and it's really hilarious when they fight because they do get physical! HAHAHAHA...i will not go on with the details, but please hold your negative impression. Baiti is very nice, and she's a daughter of an ustaz. Nonetheless, she's still fashionable! Obviously I'm promoting guys do not wait any longer! Jgn marah, ti... :P

Intan Syuhada
The most pious among us. She's a goody and she makes us feel guilty for her religious ways which is obviously unlike our craziness. She still knows how to fun though! Have I mentioned how crazy she is about anything Korean?

Rohaida & Nurul
These 2 are roomates in IPTI, they were also our neighbour. The latter, a.k.a Kak Ida
is a year older than us, hence the Kak. A year older but not the least noticeable, for her petite size. Nurul was a sweety pie! She's so gentle and dainty, and so good in art. Both these room mates have saved the date for their wedding this year! C.O.N.G.R.A.T.U.L.A.T.I.O.N.S.

Fuziah & Nadiah
I'll always be thankful to them, because they accompanied me to clinic and hospital when I had appendicitis. We used to hang out more back during foundation and both of them could shop till they literally drop! Puji is married and pregnant and Nad is already pursuing her masters while teaching at Taylor's. Way to go peeps!

Aira Subri
We used to be very close in the beginning but later we grew apart. There were no issues and we still maintain good relationship until now. She's getting married this June to her fiance who is also our course mate, Fattah.

She's one of my besties too! Almost forgot about her, haven't called her this year. Will do! Let's just say we have a Meredith Grey-Christina Yang kindda relationship :) If I kill someone, she'll be the one who'll help me bury the dead body - enough said!

You guys have seen me in my worst days, I never wanna go there again. I wanna thank all of you for the times you made me happy and even more for what you have taught me through the years - about differences, about friendship, sacrifices, tolerance, patience and how to crack silly jokes and let lose. You've helped put humility and humbleness in me. With you guys, I have eaten a lot and watched tonnes of movies in which we all cried buckets and laughed barrels, perhaps :)

Now Principal-less

My school principal has been promoted and today was his last day of school. We had a very simple assembly because of the short notice announcement. Anyways, I wish him best of luck. I've only had 1 and a half years of experience working under him. I couldn't say much because throughout that duration I've never had any experience to learn anything directly from him. Besides, he was not really involved much in school, was more absent than present in most activities last year, perhaps for more important reasons. Whatever it is, I'm sure he has contributed a lot for the school and for that I thank him. Good luck to Encik Karudin. Wonder who will be our new principal...will he or she give me a hard time if I apply for transfer, say in 2012? Hmm...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Huhu, hi! I'm currently following a new TV series on tv3 titled Tiramisu. Reason being - it's by khabir bahtia and story written by both him and mira mustafa (the geniuses behind Nur Kasih), sharifah amani (I think she's a very natural actress) is in it, paired with Pierre Andre (I thought they had great chemistry in Cinta) and lastly the theme song is Aizat's 'Susun Silang Kata', my favourite by him. The story started since both of them were in school, best friends who had feelings for each other but was afraid of taking it to another level. Boy left for London to pursue his studies after SPM(typical), but promised to stay in touch with girl. After a few years boy started to become distant and girl wondered if boy still felt the same way. After 5 years, boy returned but did not inform girl and by chance girl saw boy with another girl (not his gf) and jumped to conclusion that boy was dating her. Girl is now crushed and sad, but boy has not even seen girl, and didn't know girl already saw him. Huhu, can't wait for tonight's episode. Okay, question. What is it with men and their inability to keep in touch and really committing? Like in the drama, boy obviously had a thing for girl and promised to keep in touch but his silence suggested otherwise. Who could blame girl for jumping to such conclusion when boy never replied her mails and did not even call when he's back in Malaysia? Fyi, your actions show how you feel, if you like someone, please act like you do so or else the person will think the other way round. Before it's too late...and you end up biting you own fingernail, please man up and do something. But for the sake of TV, drama is important and twisting the plot here and there is just part of the thrill and excitement. Soon enough the story will end with happily ever after. Real life on the other hand, not so fairytale-like and happily ever after...that's for TV and books, unfortunately...
P/s: The tiramisu looks so yummilicious......Pic by Google images

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Call me grandma, because one of my students is a pregnant teenager at 15. This is no Hollywood Juno where pregnancy in school could be accepted or even glamorized. Even in an urban school parents hide their kid away if such thing were to happen (God forbid!), what more in a rural school such as this! This place is too public for me to tell the unpleasant details. Honestly, having taught her for a few months when she was in form one, was enough for me to conclude that given her difficult life - parents divorce, mother remarried, she's living with her sister, she was quite smart! She could understand lesson well but such an unfortunate tragedy befell her. Based on the story, she was clearly a victim. I plead to parents everywhere, a child is a gift, a responsibility and a blessing. You are so lucky to be given a child, so don't waste their life even though you have failed yours. I respect parents who are either divorced or parenting alone, but are taking care of their children very well and attending to their physical, mental and spiritual needs. Don't make divorce as not an excuse to screw up your children's life. O, Allah please protect the future generation, including my future children (insyaAllah I will have them), from the evils of the world. Amin...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Second day of school

On the second day of school my true love sent to me...nothing...haha. I am now in Chenor. Thanks to mama and bapak who named me AIDA, I will remain the teacher in charge for every first week of school until there's an Adibah, or Aalia or any Ab - Ah female teacher whose name precedes me. My partner is the ever so reliable Encik Abd Rashid. I started working with him last year and also partnered with him for the first ever school trip I organised last year. Drama of the day, two students did not get up from bed because of fever. Both Suhaili and I had to go up to the dorm and woke them up. We told them to get dressed and after the assembly I brought them to the clinic. I couldn't wait very long as my Form Five classes was about to start and I hadn't photocopied the exercise I prepared the night before. The life as a teacher and warden, what more could I say. This year I am given the responsibility to handle two examination classes - Form 3 Bestari and Form 5 Bestari. Both these classes are first classes so the pressure is definitely on as they are the ones who are expected to perform for the coming examination. So from the beginning of the year I've geared them towards examination and I really will push them to work hard so they will succeed. InsyaAllah. However, not all is rosy and beautiful in any career, I also have to teach 2 Neptune which is the last set for English class. The majority will be my fun students from 1 Harmoni last year, but because some students from 1 Aspirasi will be joining the class as they did not do well for the year end examination last year, the harmonious ambiance will be disrupted. So I'm going to put on a fierce front tomorrow. This acting is crucial to maintain control and stability in class for the rest of the year. First two period tomorrow, what the tutttt....okay, I'll write more when I have more time, now it's time for lesson planning!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Loving the fireworks ;)

Happy New Year, Y'all!!! Hope this year, 2011, brings us a lot of positive things in life and be protected from any negativities, insyaAllah. Let's do good and remember whatever we do we get times two, so doing good will result in even better things or know what awaits you. Akhir kata, you don't have to love me, you don't have to like me, but don't humiliate me and don't break me. Hmm, what's that gotta do with anything? It rhymes kot, just came to my mind and felt like writing it. Anyhoots, all the best to students starting the new term this year. It was really cute watching students start standard 1 on the news earlier tonight. Be good, do well in school and have fun along the way. Lead life with lotssa prayers.