Wednesday, October 5, 2011

After months

Us at his family dinner at Italiannies Gardens
Us all grown up
Raya as engaged couple
Shoes 4 hantaran & reception
Sofea, Afiq & Natrah solat together
My huge family on 1st raya
1 of the 2010 babies on Raya
Wafeeqa, me & Shaza
Greetings earthlings! Many things have happened both in my personal life and teaching profession. From exams to students running away from hostel, HARI RAYA with family and of course fiance for the first time in my life, cat fight dramas to more weddings and engagements and finally my own preparation to our BIG DAY! :)

Fasting & Feasting
The beginning of August this year also happened to be the beginning of Ramadhan. It was my first experience fasting with Mr fiance (we totally skipped fasting and raya as a couple, and jumped straight to engaged couple). It was a great experience going for Tarawih prayers with him, his mother and sister, breaking fast at each others' houses and even breaking fast outside with friends. What an awesome feeling to see him all blushed when asked about when our big day will be. For the first time I saw sincerity straight from a man's eyes and smile. I know this is right :)
Raya as always is an auspicious celebration filled with LOTS of food, family, friends and laughter. Let the pictures do the talking, yea!

Hunt for Hantaran Items
So far we've bought a few items as there were many special offers and discounts during the festive season. Both of us haven't decided the fixed amount of trays as when we counted, it looks like there will be some additional this is still in progress :)

A kid ran away...a silly 15 year old thought that she's so smart and decided to ran away and literally put us in hot soup! Even thinking about her makes me mad, so in the spirit of positive vibes I'm gonna skip this awful story.

Sabariah's Wedding & Fadilla's Engagement
More stories about matrimony and betrothal, hurrah!!! So happy for them both. Unfortunately I didn't bring my own camera to Sab's wedding so there are no pictures from her BIG DAY. Thank God I brought one during Fad's Eday ;) so you can enjoy the whole occasion in the pictures! *heart*

More Bonding with His Family
The past few months have brought us even closer and I've bonded even more with his family. A few weeks back his sister treated the whole family for dinner at Italiannies. Before we went to Gardens, we gathered at his sister's place in Alam Damai, Cheras which happens to be near Abg Boy's house. We had a hearty dinner and I simple adore his nieces :) They are super duper cute;) Last week after receiving his first salary since he started in Perodua he bought satay for his family. I felt so happy for him. That night, his nieces played with me and even though I felt tired as prior to that we went out and the traffic that day was so awful...(kesian driver, stress je)but at the end of it I was very happy, grateful, thankful and feel so blessed.

Kerja Kahwin
So far Alhamdulillah...We already bought the diamond for my wedding ring, just waiting for the right time to buy the casing. It is just a simple and modest diamond ring. He went to a wedding fair in Ampang Point about 3 weeks back and made bookings with the vendor for our wedding card. It was quite a good deal he got! There was another wedding fair last week at Wangsa Walk. There we found quite a good offer for nikah bridal dais, bride & groom outfit and 1 make up session for...RM2100!!! I would say that's a fair price as often times even renting an outfit would cost at least 800 and it could go up as high as 2500, ok!'s not for yours to keep...what a waste. Since I am only renting for groom's side reception, so I don't really mind.

3 Bestari students do me proud!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE BEST FOR PMR :)

SPM is coming soon......I'm so scared.....this is my first year teaching form 5 students, and their trial was not quite promising. Let's do the best we can in this limited time and do whatever we can to prepare for the battle!

Today I conducted a mock test for the speaking component. Yesterday I've already discussed issues pertaining to the situation that I was going to ask the next day. However, as anticipated, they were unprepared and also it looked like they can't even string utterances together decently. I only managed to squeeze in 2 groups. Honestly I was very disappointed with them. I've taught them, discussed issues with them, gave notes and do practices...but they still DON'T GET IT!!! What have I done wrong?

NEVERTHELESS, as a TEACHER, I cannot give up, I must pray for them, I must be patient and I must help them.

BUT, there is a big chance I will think of other options as honestly, after only 2 years I am quite worried if this is what I'll be doing for the rest of my life...hmm....

I've also applied for transfer but chances of getting it is very let's not get our hopes up too high!
I need a break, year end break how I yearn for you!!!!!!!