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Friday, March 13, 2009

school break!

The day I've been waiting for has arrived. Thank God, it's FRIDAY!!! tomorrow I'll be heading home and this time I'll be carrying with me the test papers from the recent Monthly Test. I marked it already but looks like I have to go through it again because to be honest my marking was quite strict. I really thought they will do well since the paper was quite easy. Now I've identified a few students who are really weak in English and looks like I have to do a "postmortem" whether or not they actually understood what I've said - when I say this I mean if they can understand English at all. The paper only consists of 3 sections; section 1 & 2 information transfer and section 3 literature component (with choice of answers provided). However, sad to say many of them still did not do as well as I expected. It really revealed how severe their case were. However, I'm glad to say that at least I don't get extremely funny answers like "Why....?" and instead of "because...", the student answer the question with a name! It's basic English to know that when a question starts with "Why" the answer should be "because..." of something. And if you answer a person's name the question will start with "who". This test has proven many things. I still hope to improve as a teacher and do better to cater to my clients' needs - my students. At the same time, it's really frustrating because teenagers can really be a pain in the ***!!! It drives me nuts to deal with the ones who simply ignore my orders and disrespects me. Although they don't do it verbally, they tend to get on my bad side because of their lackadaisical attitude. I am pretty sure some of them are in fact clueless about their own future. Slowly I'm showing my temper and ugly side because of the way they upset me. Seriously, sometimes I want to physically just hurt them! bad! But I've never touched a kid. NEVER. Jangan sampai cikgu cubit awak nanti! I am a teacher. Yes, I am.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

students exam...teachers gossip

greetings to all! today i write in a different tone, full of joy and happiness as i do not, i repeat DO NOT have to do my lesson plans for the week!!! hooreyy!! only today do i see teachers in the staffroom rejoicing and treating themselves to some time of gossiping and chit chatting. only today do i see students in my school sweat and struggle as they answered the questions in their first test while i was watching them like a hawk....hiding my evil laughter inside, "HAHAHA!!!!Jawab la korang soalan kimia yg susah tu.....my days of answering test papers are OVER!!!! PADAN MUKE!!!" Finally, i got the rest i needed. I get to sleep without cracking my head on what to teach tomorrow. At times like these, I thank God so much for the existence of examination. I now can at least rest from the nights when I sleep so late due to printing work sheets and stapling them and making sure their in the right order, the exact amount I needed...only to be disappointed by sleepy students, stubborn students and lazy students. Oh, I sound so much like a teacher...get a grip Aida, you are one! I'm really looking forward to the 1 week break that's coming soon....yeay!!!! I get to see the cute little camelia hani! bye2 school....for now!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


who ever said that life as a teacher is easy is definitely wrong. this week i've been evaluated 3 times. the first day i was down because of the feedback i got from my lecturer. the second day i improved tremendously and i enjoyed my time with my students. it's got to be that magic of song. i was really satisfied and I could see that my lecturer is happy - she's great, keep on supporting me. today, maybe because i'm burning out already and i haven't had much rest for 3 nights in a row, i could feel that i was off my game. i didn't do well. and due to that vibe i gave, no wonder my students were quiet too. i tried to no avail to get them to speak. what should i do??? i must admit, in terms of preparation the third round was not so thorough. i was just too tired. i couldn't take it. Ya Allah, please give me the strength to do this. make me strong. i want to be a good teacher.