Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Official

Date: 07.05.11
Day: Saturday
Venue: Home sweet home
The entourage came. His mom, aunts and uncles (2 couples) and another uncle. The E-day has been fixed, InsyaAllah everything will turn out fine...I'm excited, nervous, happy, grateful, words could describe how I feel. Dear Allah, the Almighty, All Knowing, Most Merciful, please help us make this journey the best one with Your blessings. Amen.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bola tu bulat...

Whether or not you are Kaki Bangku or Kaki is the one and only sport that makes the world go round. You can enjoy it over lepak sessions, you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home or experience it yourself at the stadium or field where the match is being held! This posting is almost 2 weeks late, but I have to write about it because it caused me a good tan and sore throat! Maran MSSD Football tournament hosted by us took place about 2 weeks ago. It was such an exciting event that took the attention of not only the students in class, but also the teachers teaching in class. In the beginning, I wasn't part of the audience as I was more concerned with my lessons but later when I found out our school may have a shot at semi-finals, I can;t help but join in the fun as well. It was well worth it as our school defeated SMK Sri Jengka in the semis. The final match saw our school going up against SMV Pertanian Chenor which was just next to our school. So, their group of supporters came, complete with 'kompang' and what not, just to psych out our players. We brought supporters too, from students to teachers who were screaming OUT LOUD as we were all out supporting our school team. We tried and tried but scored none but unfortunately, one little mistake (which i thought didn't even look like a foul) had cost us a loss. Penalty was given to our opponent and the keeper almost saved it but it couldn't be helped. The bloody ball went it. Nonetheless, our players didn't stop fighting. Finally, the whistle was blown, marking the end of the final match which didn't favour our side. Win or lose, we had so much fun and it's such a great relief from the mundane routine in school. Good job boys, even though you all looked as black as the ebony, hehe, you were the school heroes!