Saturday, April 23, 2011

The event that took more than half of my Saturday:(

Last week was a crazy week for me. I came back from Segamat on Wednesday and spent a night in Kuantan. On Thursday morning I was on my way back to Chenor and school went on as usual on Friday. That Saturday was our Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan and PIBG Meeting. It was supposed to be done the week before, 9 April, however because one particular VIP was not available on that day we had to postpone the event to 16 April. What a bummer! I could have gone home that Friday but because of this delay I could only go home on Saturday. Under normal circumstance I would just sleep over at any of the teacher's house for the weekend as the hostel students have gone back home. However now, I have different priorities, guilty as charged, personal life has taken centre stage in my life. Just one night in KL would seem tiring for me back then but now I cease every opportunity I have to meet my other half. When it's right, everything falls into place perfectly...I am digressing. Anyhow, crazy weekend is now over and I can't wait to finish this weekend and next week because I have a long weekend to look forward to...YEAY!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

1st competition as a teacher

Every time I participated in debates I'd tell myself that was it, that would be the last time but then somehow I'd be 'lured' into entering because of my own inability to say NO. That's usually because after everything had ended I would usually tell myself that wasn't so bad. After all, although I made quite a fool of myself (LOL) I still went up and said what I had to say. I am getting to the point here. (LOL). From 11-13 April I participated in the Zone C Teacher's English Debate Competition in conjunction with this year's Teacher's Day celebration. This zone C level saw teachers from 4 states; Johore, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan debating to be the zone champion to go to the next level in Sarawak. The motions for semi-final and final were already given prior to the competition and from 6-8 April the centralised training was held in Kuantan. The teachers in our team were Ms. Ana Shirin from SBPI Kuantan, an experienced debater, Ms. Michelle from SMK(P) Methodist Kuantan, a very senior debater, myself, the newbie, Puan Azura also a newbie from SK(P) Methodist Kuantan and Zach from Paloh Hinai our trainer and also debater himself.
In Kuantan we went through vigorous training led by Ms Chandra and Puan Faridah both from JPNP, Puan Faudziah our manager from Kuantan PPD, and Mdm Wong Tok Ee, Pahang state adjudicator and also an experienced teacher from SABS Kuantan. The training was held at SABS Kuantan, a renowned premier school in Pahang. Just looking at the surrounding and environment of the school it was without a doubt the school is deemed as one of the best in Kuantan. I was especially impressed with their choir team. Their practice sessions gave me chills and I could only dream upon a dream to have a choir team like that. I also saw their choral speaking practice and I saw the students conducting their uniform bodies meeting. It's like a dream school. Ok, back to the debate. We made our way to Segamat, where the competition was held, on Monday 11 April. The journey took us about 3 hours and we were seriously nervous. It's been a long time since I last debated so I have lost touch and almost forgotten how to do it. I was shocked to be chosen as a speaking member and given the responsibility as the first speaker. Oh that was scary. Luck was not quite on our side that Tuesday morning as we had picked Opposition for the motion. Well, it was after all fated and we lost, but did all we could despite the mistakes. Most importantly we learn from those mistakes. Anyhow, we enjoyed ourselves on the final day as there's no more headache for the final round. We're glad to get it over and done with. Thanks to everyone involved, you people have helped me A LOT in various ways. Thanks also to Encik Rafei for the endless support and encouragement. Thanks also to his nieces and nephews who joined in our routine skype sessions and managed to cheer me up during such a stressful perios. Here are some low quality pictures I managed to snap. Now back to work and responsibilities...