Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Response to someone's post

I read this post on someone's blog I used to follow - as I've just removed her from my reading list, nothing personal...just thought that I've no use following her anymore. Hehehe...I reckon now that my wedding is over and all these wedding craze should end, hehe. Anyways, she wrote about planning for a child. True enough she wrote about being prepared economically and how important it is to enjoy couple time before jumping into parenthood, but a part of me felt like she's missing one point in which we Muslims would phrase it as 'Hikmah disebalik sesuatu'. Sometimes we may think that planning is everything, I wanna have this and that by certain age and my child will have the BEST everything, but how much exactly do we know about everything we have planned? Is our plan really the best? Quoting her friend's story about how 'deprived' her life is at the moment because she had her first child a bit too early than she's 'supposed' to...it made me feel that what's she's heading for is looking at things in the monetary sense. Let's look at the days when our parents raised us. Were we lavished with the most expensive everything? Fast food every other day? The biggest house? A brand new car right after SPM? At least I wasn't. But do I feel like less of a person today because I was raised to understand that money doesn't come easy? A BIG FAT NO! This world now is too crowded with people telling us that we NEED SO MANY THINGS until we get blurred with what we truly need and what we truly just plain want. Yes it's individual choice to live life according to a certain path or value but always remember our creator and always believe that InsyaAllah for everything He grants us with, it's a blessing to us. Do we get it, do we not, it's not our business to question. With lots of doa, hard work and tawakal we'll make it through. It's about putting our life not in our hands, but in HIS. And that, is something I am still working at. Wallahu'alam...Wassalamualaikum w.b.t.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Bachelorette Party times 2

Yes, I meant to write about this long ago but haven't got the time to sit down and write all the details. I must say I was so touched by the effort shown by all my BFFs for making the event such a special and memorable one for me. Despite whatever glitches, bottom line is I was super duper happy and really felt like a bride-to-be :)) Besides, I got two batches of PARTAYYY!!!
For the first batch, we were all gathered at AmpWalk, Jalan Ampang. There's this beautiful restaurant called Flora Cafe. The ambiance was breathtaking, fit for a wedding. I honestly felt like getting my soon to be groom and tell him, "Sayang, kite kawen kat sini je nak?" hehe, just kidding...it's pretty obvious that it wouldn't fit the amount of guests I have. After we're done with dinner we headed down to Sucasa Service Apartments for our 'slumber party'. Unfortunately we're all tired so the night continued with heartwarming pillow talks and more snacking...that was a good one!
To my surprise there was another special celebration for me, planned about 2 weeks before my wedding!!! OMG, despite my already busy schedule then it was an awesome retreat from such a stressful period for me. My beloved friends had it all planned out at Marmalade, BV2. The place had an energy that I truly loved, it was painted in warm colours and everything looked perfect with the pink balloons my friends bought. Apart from the hearty dishes, we also played a few games. Brilliantly prepared by soulsistah Dilla Karim with the help of all the other soulsistahs of course. We had 'taboo - wedding special version', essay writing of How Rafei met Aida - because I am a teacher I think, hehe,'Don't Forget the Lyrics' - because I LOVE singing and A-Z about wedding game. We had so much fun!!! It was a great party and I truly enjoyed it. I am really grateful to have friends who went to great lengths to make me happy. A big hearty THANK YOU to all of you.

Venue 1: Flora Cafe, Ampwalk Ampang
all of us
at sucasa ampang
Venue 2: Marmalade @BV2
the happy faces
the yummylicious food
the soon-to-be bride
the handmade gift
me: all smiles like 1 happy kid