Sunday, January 29, 2012

6 DAYS!!!!!!

See the ticker??? that says it all, hehe...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

In less than 2 weeks....

this life will forever change...
I will be a wife to the most wonderful man I know... :)
suddenly it's all in slow motion. when i looked at my friends yesterday, I was holding back my tears. inside i felt it, i only have this moment to celebrate, to live in the present time of being in my singlehood before embarking on journey which i am still clueless about. i've heard lots about it from family, friends, mass media...but i don't know what mine will be like. i am excited, i am nervous, tremendously happy and scared too. it's overwhelming. but, I WANT TO ENJOY IT.
List of things I'll never get to do after this:
- Wake up late whenever and's a BIG NO,NO to wake up late at mom in law's hse, I was told. hehehe, rumah mak sendiri boleh diskaun lagi
- Go anywhere at anytime as I please....must always ask permission and plan ahead
- BERMALAS-MALASAN - hehehe, maybe there are days when i still become malas kot
List of things I must do after this:
- Obey him (selagi tidak bertentangan dgn syarak of cos)
- Cook
- Clean
- Take good care of him
- Iron his clothes
- Be with him through good times and bad times
*I intended to write about my lovely bridal shower yesterday but I need the pictures and time to do that the entry will truly capture all the greatness of the celebration.
P/S: Picture used is intended solely for illustration purpose. It is not related to the author in anyway. Thanks google images!