Monday, February 25, 2013

The Pre-Postgrad post

Hehe...the title is so 'gedik'. I am encouraging myself to be excited about this! Today, I checked the education faculty post-grad blogspot for class schedule and Alhamdulillah it was already up. Since I have the day off from school, I did the online registration today and went to school to settle the part time studying application form to be submitted to PPD which will then be forwarded to JPN. With the letter from JPN I will be entitled to 30 days of unrecorded leave a year should there be any classes or exams that fall on school days. Hopefully the approval will follow through without any hiccup. I am also very excited to share my class schedule here:
The dates of my classes and the group. It's ED770 by the way :-)

The class timetable - just look at the crazy time!

As you can probably see (or maybe NOT, because the font is too small) I will be doing 3 courses this year and they are: 1. Education & Human Development 2. Literature in ESL (an elective course) and 3. Research Methodology. Number 3 scares me the most as I could recall how clueless I was when I did this subject during my degree days. Number 1 & 2 should be okay, In Shaa Allah. Just looking at the time I will spend for every class during this semester makes me tired. I hope I will be given the physical and mental strength to complete this within 2 years. Baby? That plan is still on board. I sure hope I can cope with the assignments while doing my job as a full time teacher. What's next? Well, there are plans but everything is a bit cluttered in this little head of mine right now so...we'll just see how it goes and slowly build my way in this career. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Answering the question

Am I competitive? Actually not. However, with the advancement of technology and people being less private about their personal lives, living on a day-to-day basis can be quite a pressure. Looking at people's status updates who are proudly showing off their baby-bumps, new purchases and yes, baby make me feel urm...a little jealous. That's the word - jealous. Like how I wish that was me and the constant question of, "Why am I still not pregnant yet?". To worsen the situation, the society doesn't help ease my tension. In fact, they act as a catalyst to upset my emotion by asking me, "Why are not pregnant yet?" or "When are you gonna have a baby?". Their oblivion, or rather ignorance puzzles me. In actual fact, I WISH I KNEW THE ANSWER TO THOSE QUESTIONS!
Just to amuse myself in this post I will come out with the reasons they SO long for.
  1. My husband and I dated for a short while before we got married so we wanna have a year or two to ourselves
  2. We are both doing our part-time masters and we wanna concentrate doing one thing at a time :)
  3. Our future baby hates competition - with everyone popping out babies this year, we'd like to do it when they are done having theirs. Our baby will get ALL THE ATTENTION when the right time comes :))
  4. We wanna be financially ready first (cliche sgt yg ni!)
  5. HMMM.....ERRMMM....out of ideas already...*sigh*
- Ideas from anyone who is reading is much welcomed.

A few days ago I was at my mum-in-law's. They have this helper who comes in daily to help with the house work. And so far, every time she sees me she seems to be more concerned about whether or not I am pregnant rather than how I am. The most recent that annoyed the hell out of me was her comment, "Oh, takde rezeki lagi....kesian...." KESIAN? What? Do I need sympathy? Am I deprived of living because I am not pregnant yet? Seriously, what the....? But she's just a helper, not any member of the family (Thank God for that) and she's not in any way significant to me so I'll let it go but that did disturb me. Even kids are asking the same question - but...they are kids. Honestly, I dunno how I am going to handle this raya if we are still not pregnant by then.
As a Muslim, I believe in rezeki and that too is determined by Allah. When? How much/many? We can only try and pray and the rest is not up to us to decide. I strongly believe in that and should we need any form of medical assistance, we don't need others to tell us this. It shall be a decision made by us and we will do it when the time comes. So, please stop. Stop asking, stop feeling sorry and stop suggesting - because we have heard it all! As TTCs, we read extensively on this issue, even more than many pregnant mothers out there. We think about ourselves and our future. You can't even begin to imagine the amount of money every TTC has to spend once they've decided to get a fertility assessment or treatment. So, if you are not one of us and you really care so much, please just remember us in your prayers. Trust me, that's the best thing you could do to help someone. (credit to google images for the picture)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

An attempt to not fail

Hi! It's been a few months...So latest update is I just registered as a part time post graduate student for the course M. Ed(TESL) in UiTM Shah Alam. I don't really have a plan I would say but my main objective is to graduate with a masters and use that to leave school and get an employment as a lecturer somewhere. This is just a plan though, made by the very human me. What the Almighty has planned for me has yet to be discovered. Meanwhile, I just stroll along and try to do this although I know what hectic life I've just got myself into. Since Rafei (my husband) is also doing his MBA and we are still waiting for the miracle of life to happen, I've decided to use this time and opportunity to study. In other words, trying to distract myself from the dreadful question of "When will I be pregnant?!" Yes, I am jealous. I am jealous of all the baby-bumps, baby photos, proud mummy and daddy....some tend to be a tad leaning towards being boastful (sorry to say this but I do get this from some of you, definitely not all but surely some). So, what the heck?! Let's graduate with a Masters instead. When life gives you lemons...make lemonade. When life gives you empty womb, fill your time before it gets filled! Hahahaha. So...good luck to me and the rest of you who are doing this or will be doing this!