Monday, February 25, 2013

The Pre-Postgrad post

Hehe...the title is so 'gedik'. I am encouraging myself to be excited about this! Today, I checked the education faculty post-grad blogspot for class schedule and Alhamdulillah it was already up. Since I have the day off from school, I did the online registration today and went to school to settle the part time studying application form to be submitted to PPD which will then be forwarded to JPN. With the letter from JPN I will be entitled to 30 days of unrecorded leave a year should there be any classes or exams that fall on school days. Hopefully the approval will follow through without any hiccup. I am also very excited to share my class schedule here:
The dates of my classes and the group. It's ED770 by the way :-)

The class timetable - just look at the crazy time!

As you can probably see (or maybe NOT, because the font is too small) I will be doing 3 courses this year and they are: 1. Education & Human Development 2. Literature in ESL (an elective course) and 3. Research Methodology. Number 3 scares me the most as I could recall how clueless I was when I did this subject during my degree days. Number 1 & 2 should be okay, In Shaa Allah. Just looking at the time I will spend for every class during this semester makes me tired. I hope I will be given the physical and mental strength to complete this within 2 years. Baby? That plan is still on board. I sure hope I can cope with the assignments while doing my job as a full time teacher. What's next? Well, there are plans but everything is a bit cluttered in this little head of mine right now so...we'll just see how it goes and slowly build my way in this career. 

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