Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 anecdotes...

Let's remember 2010 because very soon it will be over! So here's a remembrance of each month that passed by...

January 2010
Saying hello to 2010 and it was my first year starting school fresh from the beginning of the year. I started off with only 13 periods then and later it became 23...huhu...Important birthdays this month:
- 13 Jan: Abg Khairil (my BIL)
- 19 Jan: Jihan Tan

February 2010
School went by as usual. One of our colleagues was terminally ill and her condition worsened.
My brother got engaged to her quite recent girl friend - about time, Along! Wedding shall proceed tentatively in December of the same year, huhu, before they both turn 30.

March 2010
Our colleague passed away, leaving behind her husband and 4 children between the ages 12-6 year old. It was heart-breaking.
Zahir Zharif bin Khairil Effendi was born on 7th March 2010! My very first nephew and now my sister has a pair. Hope they will have many more cute babies!!! Hehe...
Much needed school break! Yeay!!! Met Nazry after a year plus not seeing him. Really missed my dear best friend, that was a fulfilling 40 minutes. Sorry to catch you at such an odd time. That scenario would be a good McD ad storyline, don't you think? HAHA!
Important birthday:
- 23 Mar: Norbaiti Bakari
- 25 Mar: Nurul Emelda Hakimin

April 2010
School became quite hectic for me with additional classes into my timetable. I got acquainted to 1 Harmoni. Fun bunch of kids they were.
I was called for SPP interview - that was nerve wrecking but I did okay, Alhamdulillah...
Attended my first Girl Guide's camping as a teacher. Got an opportunity to entertain Tengku Puan Pahang for tea at our campsite. I honestly felt seriously 'comot' near her. She was like Snow White!
Birthday of the month:
- 23 April: Intan Syuhada

May 2010
Mid year examination would soon come. More work, and marking as well. PMR students, get busy!!! More programmes for PMR and SPM students.My first ever cave exploration adventure at Mount Senyum. That was an amazing experience and interest discovery - didn't know cave exploring could be so much fun! Next cave? Where shall we go? Niah?
All set for the next mid-sem break!!! Just can't wait!
- Maryam's married!!!
- Shaela's engagement, wedding tentatively will be in 2011

June 2010
School's out for 2 weeks, yeay!!!
1st June - Nursyahida Mazalan
2nd June - Along
3rd June - Junainah
5th June - ADIBAH ku sayang...
6th June - Sabariah Roslaini Firman
9th June - Shaza!!! ;)

July 2010
Busy, busy, busy, doing lots for my first ever school trip to Parlimen Malaysia and UiTM, bringing 2 buses load of Form 6 students.
My first year working anniversary ;)
11th July - Alia (my sister)

August 2010
It's already the 8th month of the year, how time flew!
My second Ramadhan in Chenor and was excited for Raya with a new member of the family; Zahir Zharif ;)
PMR Trials coming very soon..
Birthday to remember:
5th Aug - MAMAku...Tamsiah Shuib
8th Aug - Camelia Hani :)
22nd Aug - FARIDAH!!! ;)

September 2010
Looking forward to Raya because it's family time and of course I love my family ;)
Threw my annual Raya open house, and attendance was very good...
Emelda was there, Nadira came too, Jun arrived later and Nazry did make it - thanks a lot for coming. It was a pleasure having all of you at my place.
Birthday to remember:
17th Sept - Kak Ngah's birthday
20th Sept - Bapak's birthday
25th Sept - Shaela's birthday

October 2010
Looking forward to my 25th birthday and didn't expect it to be that memorable. Yikes! My car was hit from behind by a lorry on my birthday and the same day my parents left for Hajj...nothing beats that on one's birthday, right? Just so relieved that both me and my house mate were fine, Alhamdulillah...
We still had cake with my dented car...huhuhu
PMR went by and I was crossing my fingers in hopes that my students would do well, after all we've been through kids!
Birthdays to remember:
4th Oct - Nadira dearie!
7th Oct - Asma (my youngest sister)

November 2010
School term was coming to an end. So much left to do, I was literally struggling to finish all my work before the school year end break. Seriously looking forward to that! I NEED A BREAK!!!
School was almost ending when we were shocked by a news, a very controversial news...sigh...sad...
SPM and STPM students all geared up for their exam!!! Chaiyok!
Wedding bells - Kak Syida's and Kak Ada's (both of them were my house mates)

December 2010
Had to babysit SPM & STPM candidates, urgh! i miss out on a few things because of work-related stuffs - the things you sacrifice...I missed Tok Teh's birthday celebration on Dec 1st and Fad's surprise party on Dec 4th. I also had my first ever bridal shower experience for Shaela at The Ascott Kuala Lumpur. Huhu...
Super crazy month with marking, parents returning from Hajj, brother's wedding. So hectic, sleepless nights and my sweat and blood went into every detail of all of the above. AS a result - I was down with mild fever but ferocious runny nose and headache! Yikes!
After all the craziness I now heave a sigh of relief while celebrating Malaysia's victory for the Suzuki AFF Cup Finals.
One more thing: Maryam has given birth to a beautiful baby boy! Alhamdulillah...
School meeting, how dreadful, was on the 29th. More responsibilities to shoulder, with the Principal labeling me as 'cikgu 2 alam' teaching 2nd,3rd,5th formers and 6th too!
School shall begin 3rd January 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Oh, yeah...please be prepared for traffic jam this coming Monday. And I will leave for Pahang on 2nd January 2011...TATA home, you will be greatly missed...
1st December: TOK TEH!
4th December: Fadilla Karim


Things to look forward to next year:
- Shaela's BIG DAY
- Sabariah's E-Day
- Faridah's BIG DAY
- NYC Trip with Ms. Dilla Karim
- Shafik & Yuhainis junior??? InsyaAllah...

p/s: The details might not be accurate as I wrote them as I remember. Sorry for any mistakes...what's most important is...they happened!!! Writing all these made me realise how quickly time flies and do cherish each moment in your life because those moments that passed will never come by again. Take care, loves...XOXO

Touching moments as a teacher

Here's one...written by a student of mine in SMKSR, JB...after reading it I felt so touched, like I'm such an important person in this girl's heart. It may sound silly but it's the thought that counts. I found it genuinely cute :)

salam r u??..hope u r in pink of health..
spm sy da habis..hny mnunggu saat result nye kluar je..
plan nak cari keje,tp tau lagi nak cari kat mane..kalau kilg ibu xbrape syor kn..ibu kata,"along tu xprnh keje,ttibe kerja,nk kerja kilg pulak.ibu da pernh rasa kerja kilg,penat long.dah lama baru la badn 2 rasa ok2.."(saya tau ibu xbniat nk jatohkn smgt,just share pgalamn)..
bbrape hari leps 2 sy contct la fatika,,maklom la da lame xjmp,rindu thp 'gaban' la ckp org..
dari f4 lagi sy da tbiasa bkwn rapt dgn ble xjmp gini,,rindu la jwbnye..
dia pon sama cam sy,mcari apa yg sy dpt dr dy,sama je,dy pon ckp,mak dy xbpe bg kalau dy nk kje kilg(kwn 93 jugak yg ajk dy)..
last2 dy survey kt marrybrown,kipmart,tampoi..hope dpt la dy..mak dy bg coz agk dekt gn kwsn rumh dy,agpon mak dy de kenl org dlm..

bkn ni yg i nk cite,it just a beginng..
actly i de sad story yg nk share gn cikgu..(it sad to me)

-->pd awl muharam,adik mak itam saya bkhwin di kota tggi,,kbetuln,atok su sy bjirn dgn kluarga mak itam sy (hny selg bbrpa rumh je),ats sbb 2 la kmi skluarga btndang drumh atok su sy sblm ke jmptn rumh pgntin..(sudh mjdi kbiasaan kluarga sy,ktorg skli grak smpi 4,5 kreta,ianya nmpk mriah kn??wlupon msig2 dduk jaoh,p mst de port tok kte grak sme2..i like tht vry much)..
sdg sy bsiap2 tok g jmptn,sy pon mndi,slin bju kurg n all la..
slesai mjlis ktorg pon blek singgh rumh mak long sy plak slma 2 hari..
yg lain de plan nk g mndi mnda kt tanjung leman,so prent sy pon ikut la..(wlpon spm sy sudh dekt.risau2 gak p demi fmily,sy ikut juga)
esoknya,,kat tanjg lemn 2,mcm2 tjdi..iish3,3 org cousin sy kne srgn rumpi laut (adkh obor2 n rumpi laut same??tp rumpi laut 2 sy nmpk kcik cket la cg)..
last2 kteorg pon blek,coz xsdap hati..dr 1 ke 2 dr 2 ke 3 plak yg kne..
kmdian kami sume blek uma mk long smle,ptg nya bru blek jb smula..

ssmpai je d rumh sy y tletk d tmn cempaka ni,baru la sy prsn bhw jam sy xde kat sy..rupa2nya ttggal kt uma atok su sy,time sy mndi tok bsiap2 gntg jam 2 kt pygkut bju dlm blik air 2..
mak sy pon tpon atok su,nk tau btol x jam sy 2 ttggal,tp mmg btol..

sy da biase pkai jam 2 almost 2year,since f4 lagi..
spnjg spm sy xdtemani jam 2 pon..sdih r i think it still ok..

-->7dec pula,adik ipar mak lang sy lak khwin,kat sri medan,b.pahat..
tp kteorg xprgi coz sy exm,pper p.akaun..
kish jam sy yg ttggal kt rumh atok su sy 2,,
atok su sy bwk la sbb tfkir mgkin kteorg dtg dsbbkn kteorg xdtg,atok su sy pon serhkn jam sy 2 pd atok mak sy..nk djadikn cite,atok mak sy ni de gastrik..jd sbb nk kne isi prut,dy pon tlupe nk msok kn jam sy 2 dlm hdbag dy..dah ttggal kt ats meja..
slsai isi prut,bru la atok sy prsn akn jam sy mlangnye jam sy 2 sudh tiada d 'tmpt kjdian' (cite ni sy dpt dr atok mak sy sndri around 2,3 minggu leps..walpon dy ase bsalah,tp sy xpnh salahkn atok sy..atok ckp atok nk gnti,tp sy xbhrp pon)..
atok kate mgkin jam 2 dcuri org,,tp yg lg sy skit hati,kat meja 2 hny cousin2 llki sy je,around 10-14 years old..wht it is mean??atok xnk ckp spe yg buat,tkot mk bpk bdk 2 kcik ati,tp atok kata mgkin antra mreka..

-->stlh atok cite 2 sy msih bole control lg,,tp leps sy msok blik sy,sy xprsan pon sy dah pon mngis..4 ur infmtion wlopon jam 2 bkn la product yg mahl,tp ia ttp bhrga dhati sy..pd sy jam 2 jam '1001 KENANGAN'..plbgai kngn,mcm2 tgn yg (kwn2 skelas) cbe jam sy 2,espcialy ikram yg xbole tgok sy xpkai jam 2,mst dy ambl pluag tok mgayakn jam sy btol2 rndu jam sy 2..kt mne la ia sy msih bhrp kalo la sy dpt blik jam sy 2..

ase cam pnjg sgt cite sy ni,hehe, slgi sy xbcrite sy ase sdih amt xpnh ase khilgn bgini..mgkin sbb sy da smkin besar n smkin ingin mmhami roda2 khidpn ni..
kalo cg xbce cite sy ni pon sy xkish,hny skdr nk luahkn je..alhmdlh sy da ase sdkt klapangn ssdah sy mghbiskn cite sy ni..

to my beloved teachr:: sygi la apa yg kite miliki,krna jika skli ia hilg,skli pon blom tntu kte dpt pgnti yg sme dgnnye..

pasal bcite2 utk mnjdi sorg guru 2 sy msih nk btny2 dgn cikgu2 yg pnh mgjar sy..n sgla pkmbgn sy akn khbarkn ye,kalo sudi la^^..

ikhlas+sedih+rindu+lega dr sy;; 5RUZ93/2010/JB085A074 (kot2 cg de tnd ppr sy,hehe) (thnk a lot cg krn sudi mbace^^)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Congratulations and celebrations!!!

First and foremost, congratulations to all PMR 2010 candidates who did well, scored strings of A's and proved to all what you're really made of! Phewwitt!!! Cayalah! Personally, I'm very happy with my school's good performance for English Language - 80% (that's an improvement). The principal mentioned it several times during meeting today. Very pleased with all the commitment shown by my students and their struggle at the eleventh hour - although not wise, but still did work! Proud to announce that we have a 9A student. I was her teacher in Form 2, congratulations Dayang Maizatul Farhana. I hope you will continue this success during SPM. If you're planning to leave Afzan for a better option, by all means do so but do remember us here as we pray for your success wherever you may be after this. For those near miss students, don't despair. Work very hard in Form 4 & 5 and do better next time. For those who fail, it's time to wake up and redeem yourself in the next major exam. Don't let this bring you down. As a teacher I always pray for my students' success both here and in the hereafter. May you be in Allah's grace and blessings all the time. Amin, and alhamdulillah for the job well done! Yeay, us!!!
Secondly, congrats to Malaysia team who made it as the champion for the AFF Suzuki Cup Finals today. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! What an awesome way to wrap up 2010.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

29 years and 3 gfs later :)

Salam, Hi!, Hola! How are you lovely people doing? It's obvious from my cheery tone that my misery is OVER! I've a lot to share, to say and to show! Huhu, hence the title of the entry. First thing's first, I've submitted those papers. I literally had like 2 to 3 hours of sleep to finish them all. I had to bring the load with me to Perlis so I won't miss the wedding and I could finish my work. I hate working when there's something as important as a wedding going on, especially when it's my family member's wedding or any of my bff's. To top it up my parents just came back from Haj and the first few days relatives flocked our home and I just couldn't concentrate! Finally all is well, and we're only left with the reception on our side happening this Sunday noon. Hopefully everything will turn out well.

Friday, 17 Dec 2010 - the solemnization which took place at Kg. Sg. Berembang, Kuala Perlis. The highlight of the event was when my brother said the sacred line to assume his responsibility as a husband to his wife! Momentous...right after that the fireworks boomed outside to commemorate such an important event. That was awesome, good idea for a wedding! It's like a shout out - SOMEONE'S MARRIED!!!

Saturday, 18 Dec 2010 - the reception on the bride's side. The couple was donned in Gong Xi Fa Cai red outfit. Bold, nonetheless beautiful! - naseb baek abg aku puteh!

Sunday, 19 Dec 2010 - the reception on our side in Perlis. I wore the kurung modern tailored by Yali...lawaaa...

Post Sunday, 26th Dec 2010 wedding
Let me just pick up where I left off. Wedding went well with some minor but still manageable problems. You just need a 'kalut' moment to make the event memorable. Anyhow, what's important is it's done and we had lots of fun. I enjoyed seeing laughter and smiles, long hugs of long lost friends and how families and friends had expanded from twos to threes and many more :) time flies, people grew and children apparently grew the fastest! I love the happy aura that exuded from everyones' faces, and you could only find this at a wedding :)
The wedding was first planned to be Tiffany blue and white. But last minute changes forced us to go with the obviously safe wedding colours; White and Gold. However, due to the initial plan, you would notice touches of blue everywhere. Huhu, but they seemed to blend pretty well so we proceeded confidently. As the event coordinator, the whole wedding was a success! I was very happy because how do you assess a successful wedding? Look around, 1. Good crowd and everyone got a seat, and had their meal(s) 2.People were smiling and laughing 3.Children were also enjoying themselves 4.People still did not leave at 4p.m. and some came at 4.30 because they had other engagements 5.People stayed long and chatted long and took tonnes of pictures 6.People asking about the venue or the bunga telur or THE FOOD (the most important aspect) - you actually do want people to remember what good food they had at your wedding, so do invest on this! Based on the listed criteria Along's wedding scored a BIG, FAT A!!!
- Bride & Groom - their outfit was rented at Hanieym Boutique in PKNS Shah Alam
- Venue - Yayasan Restu, actually a Quran Gallery and museum but they also do weddings, it's a plus point for great photography as well. Lighting is great due to the natural light from the sun, mother nature is the best!
- Wedding Favours - Bahulu Gulung, complete with presentable packaging but we did the ribbons ourself! (Penat)

People got to talking and they were making plans about the next wedding. Hierarchy wise, from both sides of the family, it should be mine. Well, it very well will be mine, or else...hahaha...I don't know. Although I've never categorized myself as being anywhere near pretty, well definitely not ugly, perhaps cute but not pretty like Kak Ngah or Izyan pretty. Nonetheless, to my surprise I'm quite 'marketable'. They say it's because of the package - reasonably good looking plus reasonably good personality plus a teacher. The latter is apparently a plus point. Why? Now why having a teacher as a wife is good.
1. We have ample time - we work from 7.30 to 2.30, at most it stretches to 4/5, but this really depends on school and just how ambitious the school is with their extra curricular activities.
2. We are good with kids - we mingle with students hence theoretically we are supposed to be good with them. But do tell me, who can handle a teenager or a spoiled brat? No one, so this is very subjective
3. We have the skill to earn extra income - home tutoring, tuition centres, marking papers, baking(the talented few), sewing(the talented few), direct selling etc
4. We are either patient and naturally nurturing or a good disciplinarian - either way, it will do your kids good! :)
5. We are doing good deed as a means of earning our living, bekerja sambil berjariah. This will help the husbands to earn some pahala too - insyaAllah ;)

Do marry a teacher. Highly recommended!!!
I'm quite done promoting myself here, so let's put this entry to an end because there's an important football match to catch. I'll be looking forward to many new great things and of course weddingSSSS this 2011. Have a good year ahead people! Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! :))))

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Off to Perlis

Packing. Sleeping over at sister's place and off to Perlis first thing tomorrow. oh, yeah! with the burden of my workload as well :(

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm LosiNg My!!!!!!!!!!

The above statement explains it loud and clear...yes, that's the way i feel right now. be prepared to have very little sleep these few days, aida! Go, Go AIDA!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A wedding and a bridal shower

I just have to dish this now even though I do not have many pictures with me right now as they were all taken using my friend's camera. My weekend this time was something I'd remember for a very long time as it was the first bridal shower I've ever attended. Good job, party planners Fad and Jun! :) Prior to this awesome bridal shower which I shall elaborate later, I actually drove all the way to Jengka 2 with my sister to my best friend's wedding. Suhaili, whose picture can be seen when you view my blogspot profile became a wife to Nazran, her boyfriend of about 5 years (I think) and fiance of about 8 months (if I'm not mistaken) on Friday, 10.12.10. Their reception was held as Suhaili's house yesterday from 11.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The weather was good and the journey was smooth, Alhamdulillah I did not get lost - this is very rare! She wore yellowish gold dress and the theme was cream, brown and gold. They both looked good. It was a simple nonetheless auspicious event. I am happy for you and I wish you all the best :) Alia had to drive back from Pahang to KL because I was so sleepy and was reserving some energy for the night event!
I arrived at 3.30 p.m. I rested a bit and started packing my stuffs to be part of Shaela's bridal shower. This one's the first. Among us, Maryam was the first to get married but her sudden "Guys, I'm getting hitched next week!" announcement obviously did not permit us to plan anything for her! So, since we have ample time before Shaela is no longer available for us...we decided to throw her a simple, sweet and definitely memorable bridal shower *hugs*. Marriage is another milestone for her. A journey, a noble one to be specific. Hence, it's definitely important to enjoy the last bit of your singlehood with people who matter :) Proud to be one those who matter, Shaela.
After packing my clothes, make up and strawberry pudding I managed to prepare the night before (Thank God, it's finished!), I made my way to KLCC by LRT and met my lovely friends there. We had something to eat at Signature and went on foot to The Ascott Kuala Lumpur, which was the venue of our Bridal Shower - all credit goes to Fadilla for such a beautiful venue!
When I got there the serviced apartment unit was already nicely decorated with 'Shaela Bride To Be' banner and pink and black balloons plus another one in lilac which had 'Bridal Shower' printed on it. We each had a T-shirt specially printed with 'Bridesmaid' on the chest and Shaela's was 'Bride' :) Super Sweet, ok!
We played games, ate to-die-for lasagna and danced to several upbeat tunes. Teacher was not so like a teacher this time. But this was a private party...So, what?HAHA! We put on make-up, played dress-up and chatted for a few hours before one-by-one dozed off as we were all exhausted. In short, the party was simple, intimate and fun! We had like close to 350 pictures taken.
The party was then wrapped up the next morning with a little picnic and toasting session at the poolside, over looking excellent KL view and more pictures taken. We had laughter and tears of joy plus lots of love.
To Shaela...
I don't have much past history or memories to share and talk about when it comes to you. Our friendship somewhat blossomed in the past recent years, all thanks to Fad...and I am definitely grateful for the present. Just like I said during the toast, the present (mase tu) at The Ascott. As for the future, I'd just like to give a bit of advice based on my observations and reading...because experience in marriage, I have none. Dear Shael, we're never ready for anything come to think about it. Things just happen when the time comes. Sometimes we can't be too prepared because life is full of surprises and that is what that makes it all so beautiful. Be patient and lead life with lotssa doa, for there're bound to be challenges, obstacles and the not-so-beautiful moments. For the beautiful ones, cherish them, live them and love them. Congrats, Shaela & Jab (bukan nama sebenar) HAHAHAHA :D

For those who keep asking me: Aida bile lagi?
Aida doesn't know!!! But it helps if you could pray for Aida instead of just asking :) TQ....

By the way, recent revelation. I shall not be pressured by numbers. Marriage comes when it comes, it doesn't come like a package with the age 25, 26 or even 27! HAHAHA...But I sure do hope that it WILL happen for me because I know I want to do it for the right reasons with the right person. Amin...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wishful thinking

I am wishing for a million other wonderful things that I could be doing instead of the one I am doing right now. But responsibility and obligation must be my priority at the moment. I can't wait for April next year! That money will come in handy, not for shopping but this time for travelling. Yes, spending for travelling is worth every cent as the experience is priceless. Right now all I can do is imagine...imagine myself in NYC....Hmmm....(Pictures of my imagination)

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Kampung Hospitality

I am writing this in a beautiful kampong house in Chenor, accompanied by a symphony of crickets humming a melodious tune, amidst an abundance of fresh greenery, with such tranquillity and peace. I am writing this entry in my friend’s humble nonetheless beautiful and definitely spacious home. I am writing in sheer admiration of what is called the kampong hospitality. I refuse to substitute the word kampong with village as the word village cannot and do not capture the true meaning of the word kampong. The moment I arrived, my friend’s mother greeted me with such warmth and humbleness by apologizing for she is unable to help me carry my luggage. Well, that’s the least of my problem, makcik. Your kindness to let me stay at your house for the next three days is more than appreciated already, no need to help carry my luggage. I am not a light traveller obviously, I kept adding things for just-in-case situations and I ended up with several bags for only a 3-days stay. We later chatted over a cup of teh tarik, crackers and my favourite; kerepek pisang. Jumping from one topic to another I already felt close to this makcik. Her words were so well put together, coupled with the Pahang dialect I felt so at home being here. Although home in Subang Jaya, Selangor is by far different from here, but honestly she really made me feel like I am at my own grandma’s house in kampong. Since both my grandmas are residing in KL now with their children, I haven’t been going back to kampong for quite sometime. But God has his ways of allowing me to remember and appreciate the feeling of being in kampong by sending me here, in Chenor. I am grateful that each time I need any kind of help from the people here they are more than happy to offer a helping hand. There’s nothing I could do to repay their kindness, as they wouldn’t take or ask anything. Besides, it does feel odd to give money out of the blue. So, since I’ve been here it’s become a habit of mine to give presents before Hari Raya to all the people here who have welcomed me to their homes, fed me well during my stay and treated me with such warmth and friendliness like I’m their family. It’s something I’ve learnt to genuinely appreciate. I pray that all these people are granted health, wealth and heaps of happiness in life, with God’s blessings and grace in everything they do. Amin. Thank you, makciks and pakciks, and of course all my wonderful friends here. I *heart* you all.

Footnote: I can wear kain batik without any problem of it slipping and falling. That’s one plus point!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Read this in 10 different tones

tired, tired, tired!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Atan not well

No, his name is not Atan, it is actually Zahir Zharif. Affectionately known as Atan because my grandma couldn't remember his name so calling him Atan for short of 'jantan' is easier. Since he's a boy, so he's jantan! Doctor suspects it to be viral fever. Symptoms include: fever, diarrhea, presence of red spots all over his body and low platelet count. It's such a pity and really heart breaking to see him having to go through the ordeal of putting the IV drip into his tiny, delicate hands. So, last night I spent the night at the hospital, accompanied my sister, sleeping and waking up every so often. I think I only got like 2-3 hours sleep. This morning another round of taking his blood, made him cried so loud...I was crying inside too! Alhamdulillah he's doing better now. Get well soon, Atan! You're a strong boy!

Foot note: It's also my gram's 86th birthday...unfortunately will be missing the birthday celebration for duty sake - Akta Rahsia Rasmi. Pahang, here I come! See you tomorrow....dreadful...

Sunday, November 28, 2010


As much as I love weddings for the beautiful gowns and dresses, the flowers and decoration, the family warmth and mostly importantly the husband...I also know that first and foremost marriage is about responsibility. Responsibility is something we learn since we were small, starting from taking care of ourselves to taking care of others. When we were younger, we were in charge of our own things, i.e. books, school bag, stationeries, school shoes and as we grew older we were in charge of our rooms and bathrooms. Some of us were assigned chores like doing the laundry or putting out the garbage. Later on we're in charge of our own learning. After years of coaching and scolding from our parents we then learned that we were accountable for our own successes and failures.
And then we start working and we have work to do, work to submit, bosses who watch us and evaluate us and when we have earned some money we need to learn how to be responsible of that too. Soon enough we have to pay our car loan, bills, insurance and then there is also savings to think about. You know the cushion to ensure that you don't fall hard on the ground when there's emergency. And most definitely because someday that money will come in handy when you need to buy a house. That's hard. After that it's time to give back to our parents. The two most important people who did all they could to make us who we are today. Although not much, we try to 'give' something to our parents. In a way, that's like taking care of someone else other than ourselves. And for some with younger siblings, of course they need to look after them too, which includes spending some money on them. I suppose this is especially harder for the eldest, more so for an eldest son. How could they be expected to afford to take care of another person, who is someone else's daughter? I mean, if they only just started off.
No matter how well to do one is, we all know how much money one earns and needs to spend when one is just starting off. It takes time to be stable before one is able to be responsible of taking care of another person. There's the dowry, the ring, the gifts, the outfits, etc to think of and on top of that there's a life to look forward to after that. That of course needs more money, right? For some who come from well to do families, whose parents could afford to support the wedding the burden is somewhat eased with the financial aid. Some are even lucky enough to have a place to stay, all thanks to their parents. Hence, nowadays it's no surprise some could throw such lavish weddings, of course with the help of their very kind parents.
On the other hand, if we all put our mind on our actual intention and look at marriage as a 'sunnah' and a responsibility as a Muslim, I'm sure the Divide intervention will help the couple in a way or another to make their wedding happen. Of course savings must come into play but I'm one who likes to believe if we put our mind into something we could make anything happen. Especially when it's such a noble intention like getting married.
I'd also like to add my reaction to the Malay drama shown on TV just now. If you remember it's the one with Fahrin and Sh. Amani. Anyways, they are a young couple who decided to get married. However, unequipped with domesticated knowledge, the young wife turned the marriage sour and put off both her husband and her mother-in-law. This is another important skill in a marriage. No one needs to be a gourmet chef, even men should understand this, especially if your future wife has had a maid all her life. However, having said that, it's never too late to learn. At least get your fundamentals strong. Women should know their place in a marriage. Men too, should know their limits to hang out and do manly activities, i.e. outdoor activities, futsal and 'lepak' with friends. It's not the end of it, just strike a balance. Sometimes women too want to be with their friends or have girls' day with her sisters and mother. Work something out that both could agree to. Even better if you could involve your wife with your activities.
Lastly, we all should learn how to give and take in our responsibilities as a couple. After all it's about learning and getting better. I'm no expert but this is what I think. Remember, later on there are children to think about, house, education so on and so forth...It never ends, but do have fun along the way :)

P/s: Selamat Pengantin Baru kepada semua rakan-rakan, sahabat handai dan kekanda ku sendiri. Semoga jodoh kalian kekal bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat, sentiasa dirahmati Allah & dikurniakan cahaya mata yang beriman & comel-comel.

Wedding calendar:
1. Mursyida Husna & Faiz, 6th Nov 2010 - attended
2. Nurul Syuhada & Hairul, 20th Nov 2010 - attended
3. Nur Faizah & Ridhwan, 28th Nov 2010 - attended
4. Suhaili & Nazran, 11 Dec 2010
5. Shafik Afendi Surkery & Yuhainis Kamardin, 17 Dec 2010 (nikah), 18 Dec 2010 (bride's side), 19 Dec 2010 (Perlis reception), 26 Dec 2010 (S.Alam reception)

I think that shall end the weddings for end of this year. To the weddings I could not attend:
1. Aizuddin & Darleena
2. Syazana & Erman
3. Siti Hawa Jamilah & Irwan
- my apologies, as your weddings are either too far or clashes with my brother's wedding. I wish all of you the best, may your events be a memorable one :)

It's always good to see people happy and starting a new chapter in life :) A happy one, InsyaAllah...Amin...

Pictures - thanks to google images

can't help it

Music is my art...and sometimes I can't help but indulge in good music. Here's one...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What's in numbers anyway?

Hi! Today I went for a facial appointment. Apparently, the premises has been reduced to only the upper floor. Are they closing down? I was relieved that the therapist will be opening her own place soon and she knows who'll sign up for a programme there. None other than, Aida! Anyways, we talked about random stuffs and I felt comforted, pampered and relaxed on today's session. After the session, she asked about my phone number, it seemed like she's got the wrong one in her records. So I gave her my number. To her excitement she asked me where I got my number? Was it pre-paid or postpaid? I told her I just went to a shop and randomly picked a number which I thought was easy to press. 012-**6957*. Apparently those 4 digits are good numbers. Even better if it's 9657. She said 6 is good for business, 9 is for wealth, and the combination of 5 and 7 means that I am easily liked anywhere I go. I attract people. (And why am I still single??? Ting3) She even told me if I ever want to let go off the number, please give it to her. Okay, point taken! But God, what difference does it make anyway? She also added that 0 should be avoided and 1 is a good number too! Number ONE!Of course it's good. So, what's in numbers anyways? Any insights?

I miss teen-romance movies!!!

I love my teenage life and I believe it's WAYYYY better than teens nowadays. Watching the late Heath Ledger on tv reminds me of this movie. Do you remember this? "I want you to want me, I need you to need me..." - AWESOME!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

A sad but still very nice song

Sadly there are typing errors...But I figure you are all smart enough to know the correct spelling. Take a listen to's by Josie and The Pussycats.

Beg, Borrow or Steal…huhu, just simply BUY!!!

Pics source: Google images

Somehow I couldn’t run away from the topic of fathers after watching two movies about fathers’ sacrifice and reading this book, written by a son, husband, father, dreamer, academician and educator who was also terminally ill due to pancreatic cancer. This self-help, motivational book was written by a man who knew that the end was coming, in fact quite near, with just a few months left to live. The Last Lecture was written as a tribute to loved-ones and a reminder to all about how to deal with life’s challenges and most importantly how to live, whether or not you know when you’re going to die. The narrator was given the opportunity to give his Last Lecture and by doing so he hoped to give some of his insights about life to the students and send the message to his children after his passing, as at that moment they were too young to understand what he’s saying. His topic was simple, something we are all familiar with: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. So, he had this lecture videotaped so when his children are grown ups, they could watch his last lecture and get to know their father better. My personal opinion about the book is nothing short of admiration towards the narrator’s attitude on life. This was a man, who was definitely smart, having everything to fulfil a man’s life; a career, a family and stable finances, but just a spot of bother at a young age. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and you and I both know that often times, people with pancreatic cancer do not make it. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, Randy was determined to live longer and it was for the selfless reason to be able to live for his wife and children. He was a fighter, not for himself, but for the sole reason of being around as long as he could to make his loved-ones’ lives easier after he left them. That’s a father right there. This time, I was better prepared as a reader. I wanted to actively participate with this book and my way of interacting was having a pencil with me and underlining the lines that were poignant that gave me light bulb moments, that made my eyes teary and also the ones that made me smile. I also did that to share with you his clever words, as well as my thoughts on them which I put in italics. Here goes:
• We cannot change the cards we are dealt with, just how we play the hand – Yes, fate certainly is beyond our control but we can choose how to deal with it and what we make out of it. Try to make the best of everything. I’m still working on that. HUHU.
• Never make a decision until you have to – There’s no rush in life, think it over and pray for guidance.
• Just because you’re in the driver’s seat…doesn’t mean you have to run people over – Often times, people abuse power because they hold the key. It’s about respect and being fair when you’re working or in any kind of relationship.
• When you see yourself doing something badly and nobody’s bothering to tell anymore, that’s a bad place to be. You may not want to hear it, but your critics are often the ones telling you they still love you and care about you, and want to make you better – We’re all not perfect that’s why we need people who have our best interest at heart to help us improve. So, listen well…
• The brick walls are there for a reason. They’re not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something – Simply said, you want it? Go get it!
• Look, I’m going to find a way to be happy, and I’d really love to be happy with you, but if I can’t be happy with you, then I’ll find a way to be happy without you – This was his reply to his then love interest when she rejected him once. He fought and won, and they got married. Now, that’s the spirit!
• My parents had raised me to recognize that automobiles are there to get you from point A to point B. They are utilitarian devices, not expressions of social status – SPOT ON!!!

• Earnestness is highly underestimated. It comes from the core, while hip is trying to impress you with the surface – AGAIN, SPOT ON!
• Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won’t make us happier – Guilty of this in many occasions…I really should stop complaining and start being grateful :)
• When it comes to men who are romantically interested in you, it’s really simple. Just ignore everything they say and pay attention to what they do – Now, here’s an excellent one. GIRLS, REMEMBER THIS! And guys, it’s time to man up! It’s what you do that proves your love, not what you say…Hmm…let’s ponder…

There are many more I wish to share with you but the limited energy to pick them out from the novel and type them here has forced me to stop…In a nutshell, the message the author was trying to point out was the importance of living your life. Really embracing it and never ignoring the child in you. The time when you truly lived. That explains the pictures I uploaded. We all loved our childhood very much, didn’t we? We played, and made believe and lived a life free from worries. What were your childhood dreams? Have you fulfilled them? It’s about time you revisit your life over the years and how much have you lived?

My Childhood Dreams
1.Be on TV – checked! My friends saw the video clip, but I didn’t. It was from Flop Poppy, Dari Studio 1…haha, I didn’t watch because I was too embarrassed to see myself on TV
2.Perform on stage – checked!
3.Visit London – checked!
4.Euro trip – not fulfilled yet
5.Go on a roller-coaster ride – checked!
6.Go to Disney Land – not fulfilled yet
7.Become a doctor – not gonna happen
8.Get married to the love of my life! – haha, not yet…kot...
9.Play a musical instrument… - not fulfilled yet
10.Act on stage – checked!
11.Become a mom, kindda like my mom who juggled work & family well - not fulfilled yet

I could only think of 11…maybe I’ve missed out a few, as I was busy growing up I may have forgotten what I’ve always wanted as a kid.

P/S: I think I was so cute then, if you don’t share the same opinion it’s ok…I’m just saying! And someone said I take after my mom…I take that as a compliment because my mama was gorgeous!!! No kidding…my dad scored BIG TIME!

This morning I woke up and I remember one more thing. I used to go crazy over KRU in primary school and all I wanted was to see them live. It took a few years, but finally in form 2 I went to their concert - The Way We Jam (it was ok).All thanks to free tickets from Chik who worked with PWTC back then! Haha, we left the auditorium and waited for my cousin to arrive guess who I saw? I'll leave that question unanswered here while I smile alone here as I'm typing this. Toodles!

For the love of old cameras

This entry will have more photos...from way back when. There's a reason why I put them up, but that will only be revealed later when I write the next entry