Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding Review

If there's any critic in this world who is hardest on wedding reviews, I think I can be pretty harsh. However, the lesson learnt is: you have VERY LITTLE control over what turns out on your wedding day. I used to have a fairy tale like imagination of every detail of my wedding. This self proclaimed bridezilla thought she got it all figured out, BUT she thought WRONG! There were many lessons learnt as I embarked on this journey of being wedded to my new-found love. Being away from home mostly was the main reason this wedding planning thing was harder to handle. The only time I had was during the year end school holidays, however having to help mama taking care of the household somewhat hindered the process as well. Often times, fatigue got in the way. Here's some things I've got to say about my own wedding day :) It was no Yusry-Lisa, nor was it any near to any VIP's daughter's wedding, nonetheless it remains as the most wonderful memory both Rafei and I share and shall cherish for the rest of our lives. It was not about what we saw and how we looked like, but it was the way the whole experience made us feel - just as what I've always imagined, only a million times better in every sense.
Nikah - 3rd February 2012, Home sweet home, After maghrib
My verdict on:
- My pelamin: NICE :))
- My henna: so pretty...simple and nice
- My room: Wished there were more fresh flowers, wished I had gone to the florist instead!!! But I loved the scent of the room - bunga rampai with a hint of rose water scent and of course the bed sheet was gorgeous!
- My hantaran: Credit to kak Ejah. Happy with the results but again, wished I had gone to the florist to pick out more flowers.
- My outfit: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...especially the shawl. I was so glad I opted for the simple, demure look. It's understated but elegant still (I hope)
- My make-up: AMAZING
The pit and the peak of NIKAH: The PIT was the delayed start as Friday night's traffic was HELL. So groom's side took some time to gather at Masjid Abu Bakar As-Siddiq SS19. Hence, the ceremony started later than scheduled, but it went on quickly and smoothly :)
The PEAK: Definitely the 'sekali lafaz' made by hero of the day: my husband did it with such confidence and 'machoness'! Kudos sayang!
The moment of truth
mas kahwin from him to me
sarung cincin
the ring we picked
putting on his ring
blissfully wedded couple
kissing me