Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The definition defines...

Definitions taken from: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/

love verb ( LIKE SOMEONE ) /lʌv/ [T]
to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them, or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family
I love you.
Last night he told me he loved me.
I've only ever loved one man.
I'm sure he loves his kids.
(Definition of love verb (LIKE SOMEONE) from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

love noun ( LIKE SOMEONE ) /lʌv/
• [U] the feeling of liking another adult very much and being romantically and sexually attracted to them, or strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family
"I've been seeing him over a year now." "Is it love?"
Children need to be shown lots of love.
"I'm seeing Laura next week." "Oh, please give her my love" (= tell her I am thinking about her with affection).
informal How's your love life (= your romantic and/or sexual relationships) these days?
• [C] a person that you love and feel attracted to
He was the love of my life.
She was my first love.
• [as form of address] UK informal used as a friendly form of address
You look tired, love.
That'll be four pounds exactly, love.
• [U] informal (also love from , also all my love) used before your name at the end of letters, cards etc. to friends or family
See you at Christmas. Love, Kate.
be in love
to love someone in a romantic and sexual way
I'm in love for the first time and it's wonderful.
They're still madly in love (with each other).
fall in love (with sb)
to start to love someone romantically and sexually
I was 20 when I first fell in love.
(Definition of love noun (LIKE SOMEONE) from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

LOVE is a Noun and a Verb...put two and two together to make it whole. Okay, this is cheesy...haha, the book sales person just asked, "Bile cikgu ni nak kawen? Kalau u nak kawen tapi bf taknak kawen, pon tak boleh jugak..."
Me...silent, polite smile..."apsal tgk i lama2? hmm, kalau ade bf..." - my internal monologue...

PMR – 1 week from today

In about a week from now my Form 3 students will be sitting for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR). All my best wishes and prayers go out to them and I hope I’ve given them enough to help prepare for the examination. Although it is not really that crucial for them, but PMR is important as a stepping stone for them to go into the stream of their choice in Form 4. During our days, choices were quite limited. We were just divided between the science stream and the arts stream. My year in Form 4 was the first year Accounts and Add Maths were offered in a non-science class. Later on I heard English Literature class was also offered and if I’m not mistaken, Catering as well. This is actually a good move to provide students with greater choices and variety in fields of study. With these various choices students will later be better prepared to further their studies and they also have better background knowledge of that particular field of study which they are about to take.
Back in those days, we were stuck with the stereotyped belief of the smart students going to science stream and the not-so-smart ones will enter the arts stream. Well, actually this belief is definitely wrong. I’m the living proof. I was one of those lucky ones who did quite well in PMR and thought that as my results were good, I should enter science stream. As a result, I struggled for those 2 years, I did not have any idea what Physics was all about and seriously my sweat and blood went into studying Add Maths. Hence, I somewhat neglected other subjects and my SPM results didn’t turn out that beautiful, unlike my other friends. I cried, but Allah had other plans and here I am on the path destined by Him. Sometimes it makes me wonder, what would have happened had I made a different choice? Too late for that I must say, but I treasure knowledge for what it is and I suppose my experience being in science stream was good in building character, in helping me become someone who’d persevere in whatever condition.
All this goes to show that people’s minds work in inexplicable ways, therefore they process differently, see things differently and also excel in different field. It is also important to note that examinations aren’t everything. Doing well in exams does not guarantee a bright future ahead, and vice versa. However, it is important to know that at the end of the day what’s written on your certificates, coupled with good communication and people skills – they say, soft skills, work hand in hand to help people become successful.
Speaking of examinations also, the people up there are still debating about abolishing UPSR and PMR. Not only will the children’s lives be affected but they must also consider teacher’s workload with the absence of these examinations. If I’m not mistaken, the exams will be replaced with school-based assessment, but to make this 100% is almost impossible. There are many factors to look into and they must also consider the repercussions if this move is implemented. I can’t imagine the amount of files that will have to be opened; documents that will have to be kept from year to year and the problems that will occur when students are always absent from school, change to a different school and have lost the records from previous school. The whole system will need a major revamp. I for one cannot imagine how this will be done.
Furthermore, as much as we do not want to segregate students according to their intelligence, some kind of categorization is important to help teachers understand students’ ability and needs. At least with UPSR for example, I know the needs of students in 1 Bestari as compared to 1 Harmoni. I would know what I could and should teach based on their English result in UPSR. If it will only be based on oral assessment or folios, for example, how would I know if the students weren’t coached, guided or in fact helped by their teachers or parents? What if they copied and altered someone else’s work? And what if the teachers themselves could be biased to certain students? How accurate are these assessments as compared to the current examination we have?
Honestly, I think what we have now is good enough. Why don’t we just concentrate on improving the system rather than changing the system. Textbooks for one, are extremely boring and not quite updated. Schools also, should be better equipped and need better maintenance. That should be improved first! Let’s not make this another PPSMI tragic case. Implement first then debate and then revert back to the old style. It’s the children’s future we’re talking about.
*Pics source: Google

Free Netbooks? Hmm…

Before the school second semester plus Hari Raya break, 293 lucky students were presented with the best gift any kid could ever dream of, free netbooks! These netbooks were given to so called under-privileged students based on their SMM information. Some were really needy students but some weren’t, as they probably didn’t give accurate information about themselves in the SMM. Nonetheless, although this present seemed well-intended, it did not take into account the effects of such thing.
It’s only been 2 weeks and we have received several reports because of these netbooks. One student spoilt his netbook when the perhaps not-so-smart kid downloaded porn and his netbook also got infected by virus. His parents went to the Multimedia Centre at their village to report and they traced the site the kid went to. Kids being kids, think they’re so smart but actually not. He was warned and I’m not sure what was the fate of that netbook. Another student showed off her netbook in school and before you know it, it’s lost. A few days later, the culprit was caught. So, yesterday the victim and the culprit along with his accomplice were called up on stage. They were ordered to publicly apologise to her for their crime. I thought the school was being too nice to the delinquents - perhaps because they were Form 1 students. I hope the disciplinary board contacted the parents, especially because they themselves already received netbooks but were too greedy, and that drove them to steal this girl's netbook. Imagine a few years down the road what other things they would be daring enough to do if this is what they are doing in Form 1. I say this because I saw no remorse, guilt or regret in their faces. They really ought to be taught a lesson!
Teachers were actually doubtful as to why suddenly students were given free netbooks. One fine day, the school was contacted and told that this list of students was entitled for free netbooks. What the school had to do was to inform the students that they will receive the netbooks. Then, the selected students were to activate their netbooks at the Multimedia Centre, they also have to pay a certain amount for the line monthly.
What we teachers had problems with were the students they selected and the rationale behind this. If they were genuinely interested in helping the students, I’d rather they give the netbooks to the school and teachers could give a fair opportunity to all students to use this facility with guidance and supervision. But when they made the decision, did they consider if the students were delinquents, rebels, or simply academically challenged which will be a hindrance for them to make full use of the netbook without guidance and supervision?
If they had that much money, why didn’t the computers in the lab upgraded instead? They could have used the money for many other things for the betterment and improvement of schools and teachers. Send teachers for trainings, upgrading school facilities and better books for schools. Anyways, who knows what other problems will arise due to this supposedly noble action. I heard another student sold his netbook already. Giving kids candies, well too many candies, could just rot their teeth…I think this isn’t a genuine and smart move. Period.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raya Pixx Galore

Another not school related post simply because it is school holidays after all. This post is about Hari Raya. Too much to say about Raya here in Subang, so joyous and blissful. Just check out the pictures and make the conclusion yourself. Lastly, I *heart,heart,heart* my family. *Note to readers: Pictures can be found on FB, can't say this is a galore of pictures because there ain't that many here

If I Wasn’t a Teacher

Ten years ago, the idea of working as a teacher never crossed my mind. I first wanted to be a doctor because I think they are really cool and smart, next I wanted to do PR as I believe I’m good at that and then I saw J-Lo in Wedding Planner and I thought, wait a minute…that could SO be me! I was largely involved in almost all my cousins' weddings. Something about the Holy Matrimony and beautiful things just melts the heart! Something about flowers and dresses and the whole ambiance of a wedding just soothes my heart and makes it warm and a bit fuzzy in a very good way. Besides, when I was 9 I remember crying at a second cousin's wedding because I missed the ‘bersanding’ ceremony. Hence, I have found my true love which is WEDDING! However as I grew up I began to realise how stiff the competition is to be involved in wedding business, not to mention how difficult it is to start one. Anyhow, I still enjoy doing hantarans and door gifts for the sake of my passion. I could just sit in SSF and digest every new idea I could see. I'd google on wedding stuffs and save the pictures I adore for future reference, not only for mine (which I don't know when will happen), but also for friends' weddings :) Right now …torn between the colour combo between orange and either silver or olive green and coral with a combination of light yellow and light brown. Hmm…...Here are some awesome pictures I found online. All thanks to google image

my take on LEARNING

I used to, like many people, believe that one is only considered smart if one excels in Math and Science. The latter was a subject I enjoyed very much in school but unfortunately did not and has not mastered and the previous is a subject which I once struggled with, tried in vain to like and also cried my eyeballs out every time I got my examination results. NO KIDDING! My parents, like many other parents were worried and that made me feel like a disappointment to them. I just could not put sense into Math, what more like it. In primary school I went to tuition classes which only helped a little and was mostly taught by my dad. I cried almost every session. The end result was me feeling more frustrated and stupid - why was I not good at math? The common belief of kids who are good at logical thinking are whiz kids was so overrated it made me feel like I had no future in life if I didn't get A for Math. What most people failed to realise was, there's more to intelligence than being good in Math and Science subjects. Heard of Howard Gardner's theory on multiple intelligences? No? Well, people are unique in their own ways. Hence their thought processes and inclination also differ. Some people are more linguistically inclined than the rest (I'd like to believe I am). They learn language better and can express themselves linguistically effectively. Like when I learn English I just simply could see the structure and how it is different or similar to my mother tongue - Malay! There are also people who have good interpersonal skills. They can talk to anyone, mix with people well and are more tolerant to the idiosyncrasies in people. These bunch of people are usually recognisable for their many and diverse group of friends. Next, there's also musical intelligence and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. The previous refers to those good in music (I'd like to believe that I am too). Some people can listen to music and recognise the tone, rhythm, key and pitch without being taught. Something I'd like to boast here - I usually can remember a song after only 3 times listening to it. Years and years of doing my own bathroom show has enhanced this talent. The latter, which is bodily-kinesthetic intelligence refers to people with good body movements and understands movements well - this explains why some people are more graceful or 'kayu' from others. My team mate while I was doing drama in UPM was so kayu I just didn't know what else to do to help him. It's just like me and Math/Physics - a bad combination. There are many more actually. Here I'd like to share an illustration of this theory. It's pretty easy to understand. Just Google and read up if you're interested to find out more. So, let me wrap up this entry with this statement. I may not be good at Math and the Sciences but I sure was and am not stupid. I think I'm good at what I do now, which is teaching English and I am also still learning. But I suppose I will someday fall into the category of conventional parents who worries about my child's grades, the difference is I won't go crazy about it because I realise learning is something you do all the time and it's best with the right kind and amount of exposure.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Also TOTALLY not school related

Kenapa saya suka girlfriends saya?
1. Diorang BEST
2. Diorang buat saya gelak macam orang gila
3. We never run out of things to talk about
4. They hate people who hurt me
5. Diorang tau semua benda! and sometimes when I'm with them I pon jadi tau semua benda
6. Diorang sayang saya UNCONDITIONALLY, and so do i
7. They always support me
8. They always pick me up! haha
9. They LOVE to eat and I love to EAT with them
10. They LOVE my singing - sampai semua tertido...hahaha

p/s: sorry, lately this blog has become less and less school related simply because I'm enjoying my time at home...so school is the last thing I want to think about :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

In 5 years I hope

1. i already have a Masters of Education (TESL)
2. i've travelled to at least 3 foreign countries; US (summer 2011 - iA), the Holy land (a mature revisit as an adult) and perhaps Bandung (for wedding shopping - haha)
3. i have ventured into lecturing at either any IPG or public varsity
4. i am happily married with a least a child (but first gotta find a man who'll marry me. LOL)
5. i already have a home to call my own in which i live with my family :)
6. i discover a way to tackle adolescent reading problems
7. i have mastered the art of weaving a ketupat casing and kelim karipap nicely
8. i have my own sewing machine and have improved my baju kurung sewing skills so I don't have to send my baju kurungs for tailoring as I can sew my own
9. i have started studying the meaning of the Holy words from the Holy book
10. i can look back and smile at how great things have turned out for me...Amin...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A time to RefLecT

Alhamdulillah, it's approaching end of Ramadhan and in about 10 days we'll be celebrating Aidilfitri. This year my family will be celebrating Raya at home with all our extended family (a large one) coming to celebrate this auspicious event together. I'm truly blessed with a large network of family members and I am always glad to see them especially on such a big day like this. What moved me to include this in my posting today was what I witnessed this morning. Puan Zainon, a senior colleague of mine lost her husband this year. I caught her drown in what seemed like a very emotional space and I didn't even realise she was teary at the time. When I asked her, a teardrop rolled down her cheek and I realised I may have invaded her personal space. I felt guilty for asking but it was an honest mistake. I was so moved at that moment I started to reflect on my family and how grateful I am that I still have my parents. Even the sheer attempt to empathize with my colleague and her children would definitely make me emotional as well. This will be their first Raya without their father, and that must be devastating. Earlier this year also, we lost a very dedicated and gentle colleague, Puan Nazilah. Her struggles with a blood related disease came to an end after hours of battling for her life in the ICU. Her children are still young and small and it must be really sad for the whole family celebrating Raya without their dearest mother. Al-Fatihah to the deceased and all my best wishes for the whole family. May they stay strong throughout this difficult period.