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Friday, July 22, 2011

An Entry on ~OuR memorable engagement~

The couple's photo session
Friends forever
Us again
Kontrol konon
Saying our goodbyes
Tok Teh & me
From us to them
The discussion
Confused, what next?
Mama, me & bakal mak
Me and his mom
I thought I saw tears in her eyes
Sarung cincin
Praying for us, ameen...
The crowd inside
Bakal mak & Mak Uda
Bapak greeting his uncle
Ready to beat the traffic
Rafei all smiles
Performing Sunat Dhuha
Fad called a few days ago and asked, How does being engaged feel like? And my response was, "I still can't believe it!!!"
09.07.2011 - Not only was this date memorable because of our engagement, but also because of the infamous Bersih rally that caused massive jams everywhere due to the roadblocks at almost every toll you could think of. Let's put aside political issues here, as I am only interested to discuss about our first step towards the happiest day of our lives as a couple. I got home 2 days before and the moment I set foot inside my house, millions of thoughts were running through my mind. The checklist was increasing every minute and I kept calming myself that everything will be fine, please Dear Allah. There were flowers to be bought and arranged, room to decorate, house to clean up and decorate and so many little things to buy. The most worrying part, would people turn up on time? That Saturday morning, with only 4 hours of sleep I crept out of bed and started with the Sirih Junjung arrangement. Hani was pulling her tak cukup tidur tantrum, forcing my mum to carry her around and thus making it difficult for my poor mother to start getting things done. Finally, she calmed down and mama could work. Pity mama...
I hurriedly went to the bathroom and showered before the arrival of my MUA. She was the same person who did kak anies' make up on her wedding, I thought she looked nice, so I figured I should just use her contacts. Hehe...malas nak fikir...
She was supposed to be here at 12.30 but as you know traffic was HELL so by the time she got here it was already almost 1. Entourage will be coming at 3, according to plan, but we expected some delay as you know what will cause the that delay. *sigh* I was all pretty and ready at 2.30. Really pleased with the end result, everything was just as I had imagined. So the wait began. At 1500 hours, they faced first obstacle at toll Kota Damansara, 30 minutes later they made it to subang toll but was stuck there as well. 1545, he texted me, "Dah nak sampai" and I yelled to the people outside, "Dah nak sampai!!!"...The nerves kicked in. This was it, the moment of truth. After all the heartache, the betrayal and false hope, finally a fresh new person. Only 5 months after our very first meeting, here we were, getting engaged. It was so surreal. I felt like it was only yesterday I had Faridah and Emelda over for tea and we had our girl talk on L.O.V.E. Everything was so quick, nonetheless it was beautiful. Every moment with Rafei feels great, everything about him is everything I had hoped for in a man I would call my husband. Without any doubt, he is THE ONE:)
They arrived with green and white hantaran made by Mak Uda, his aunt. I only saw a glimpse of my future MIL 'salam'ing the ladies. She's such a sweet lady. I sat quietly and patiently, whispering prayers of gratitude and hoping that this engagement was blessed by the Almighty. I was also praying for patience, happiness, more 'rezeki' and this engagement lasts until the very day we're pronounced as a lawful wedded couple, InsyaAllah...Ameen...
After the recitation of doa by the imam of the mosque nearby, I was called to the living room. There she was, my future MIL, all so sweet, waiting to place the ring on my finger. I felt this warm feeling of love despite the obvious nervousness. She initiated small talks before the ceremony and slowly took the ring we picked out 2 months ago and placed it nicely on my ring finger. I managed to utter 'Bismillahirahmanirahim'. That was quick, I thought. I kissed her hand and she hugged me. I saw tears in her loving eyes. "Was she crying?" It was beyond words, I was extremely touched. Grateful, that was how I felt. Happy is an understatement I suppose, everything was great. ALHAMDULILLAH.
Soon I was chatting with his sister and cousins, answering questions about how we met and more questions about myself. They were all very nice. Hehe, I was still waiting for him and soon I saw my fiance. Hehe, sudah upgrade sayang! He is my fiance - Rafei Darajat :) I L U :)) Here are some of the moments on that memorable day ;) Enjoy, peeps! Credit to Mr. Yon Bakar for the beautiful pics, love them all:))