Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Very soon we'll bid farewell to 2012 and welcome the new year, 2013! If last year closing the chapter of 2011; the miracle year for me, and looking forward to 2012 was all about my wedding and being married, this year how I envision my 2013 would be a lot different...in various aspects actually. Career wise and professional development will certainly drain me physically and mentally. Pursuing my post graduate studies come March 2013 (In Shaa Allah) part time while shouldering all the responsibilities shoved unto me by the school administration. We'll just see how it goes. I am just doing this as my gut tells me to. So, care to share a handbook I can prepare myself with to embark on this journey? At the same time, we'll be more proactive (if we have the energy, as we're both doing the work & study thing together) in TTC. We hope to get pregnant in 2013, and if we're lucky we might just have the baby within the same year. Ameen... In my mind I am dreaming of a lot of things. For a start, hope I get to drive a brand new car, but I am financing my own studies, just can't imagine doing that while paying my tuition fees. Will have KIV this plan. Besides, we have to start saving for our home which will be ready in 2014 (In Shaa Allah). Money, money...we can never have enough. I am also dreaming of buying baby clothes and pushing the stroller while my little kid sits in there, hope he/she doesn't cry too much! Hehe...wishful thinking. But who knows right? That might just come true...Patience, Aida! Patience... God, I am sleepy. So, here's to 2013. May all our wishes come true and may Allah guide us through. Ameen, good night and a happy new year

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